My Testimonials

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Tony was fast and prompt for a quick turnaround proofreading job with my bestselling novel, Deliciously Obedient. His feedback was spot-on and I would definitely recommend him to other authors, and will contract for his services again.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author Julia Kent

Tony is a nice guy and helped edit the book Listen Up! The Heart Of Success In Silicon Valley. He was kind to work with and was diligent too. Thanks to his support the book Listen Up! was represented well and now has two publishing offers! Thank you Tony. I recommend!

–Keith Daniel Washo.

I enjoyed working with Richard to develop my short story. His knowledge of structure and dialogue was a great assist to a new short story writer. Richard did everything we had agreed to, performed on time, and was generous in the time he devoted to my story. As a published author and a screenplay writer myself, Richard respected my expertise and helped us create a real collaboration. I would give him 5 stars for his work on this project.

–James V. Gambone, Ph.D.

I had the fortune of finding Richard to proofread, edit and restructure a non-fictional book my dad wrote. Richard always communicated any changes necessary for an easier read prior to making them. He proved to be quite the effective writer. Richard finished the book in a timely and professional manner. I will seek out Richard on my next writing venture. I give Richard 5 stars for his work.

–Anita Asgari

Tony was really great to work with. The price was very affordable, the job was done within 48 hours and the work was quality. I would recommend Tony to anyone looking for a professional editor or proofreader. 

–Melanie Feldman

Awesome editing! Thank you for a job well done. 

–Rene Godefroy

Thank you so much. This is amazing work. I really appreciate all of the feedback. There were so many things you pointed out that I was unaware of.

–J. Scott Tyler

This editor did a thorough job, offered some great fixes for problems and asked some relevant questions which I will need to answer, but had not thought of.  This triple level editing was a great deal.  P.S.  He was also very fast.      

–Constance Denson-Hamilton

Tony has been great, very responsive and prompt. He’s taken great care of my work, cleaning it up efficiently while not affecting the voice of the story. Highly recommended.

–Daniel Gage

Fast, quality, friendly and so on. It was good to work with Tony.

–Ferhat Aslan