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That’s “Freelancer,” Not “Volunteer”

freelancer volunteer sign
Image copyright (C) 2015 by Tony Held, all rights reserved.


I recently came across a doozy of a sign on the web that said “If I wanted to work for free I’d choose to be a volunteer, not a freelancer. Learn the difference already.” * It inspired the sign that adorns this opinion piece of mine.

Freelancers like me expect to work for pay. We also have our own set rates. If you do not wish to pay anyone for their work, in, say, proofreading a book, find a few volunteer “beta” readers. Don’t bother me with questions if I can either A. work for free or B. work for less than my requested rate.  I have bills to pay.

If I want to volunteer at something, I’d go back to volunteering for the Minnesota Transportation Museum at the Minnehaha Depot at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota. But volunteering, while it may be good for the resume, is not good for the bank account. ‘Nuff said.

*It can be found below number five in the list in this article: