The Poem Patrol, Volume Twenty-Five: “Wasted Bread” and “God And Mammon?”

Wasted bread
Image copyright (C) 2015 by Tony Held, all rights reserved.


It is said
That wasted bread
Is a sin…
But if that is so
People around the world go
And prolifically indulge in
Wasted bread
Even as people around the world
Go hungry
If I may say so bluntly.

I hate to see bread
And other foods wasted
Because they have hit their expiration date
Or people simply had not ate
All of what was sitting in tureens and serving dishes
In buffets and deli cases…
But many a starving person
In near and far places
Yearn to have tasted
All that bread and other foods
Before they were wasted
And tossed into the trash
Because they did not sell
Or people that take food for granted bought
But then completely forgot
Those loafs of bread
And other foods
That they were in the mood
To buy that day.


God and Mammon sign
Image copyright (C) 2015 by Tony Held, all rights reserved.


Why is it oh Lord
That you can’t pursue your dreams
Free of pointless drama and discord
Caused by a lack of money?
I thought You were more powerful
Than a vault full of gold?

A lack of money is so frustrating,
And always causing petty squabbles
To constantly be raging,
And makes you sit in the hot seat
While those who depend on you
Demand why you can’t make more,
Even if you’ve got the proverbial pedal to the floor.

This is why I sometimes wonder
If You are not a big, fat, lie, oh Lord,
Because You always make us go bow before another
In the forms of bill collectors, tax men, and corporations…
So what’s this I hear about not serving “God and Mammon”?
It seems we already do,
Especially since it is only money
That allows us to pursue our dreams.