The Poem Patrol, Volume Twenty-Six: “To A Brick Wall” and “Finishing The Book”

brick wall sign
Image copyright (C) 2015 by Tony Held, all rights reserved.


I talk to a brick wall all day
Made out of fiber optic cable
Trying to earn good pay
From doing freelance work
At which
I am very able.

I go up to that wall
And talk to it as loud
As my voice can carry
While amplified by
Message boards and e-mails
As I give that job search my all…
But I might as well be
Trying to catch a cloud.

And so an empty inbox
Stares me in the face
That is what you get
When talking to this wall
Made of fiber optic cable
A freelancer’s career that
Crawls along
At a snail’s pace
No matter how hard I
Try to enable
An epic jump start
And pick myself
Up off the mat…

But wait
What is this?
There is a job query in my e-mail!
At last I am done
With all those epic fails
Because the brick wall
Made of fiber optic cable
Has spoken to me at last!


Finishing the book
Image copyright (C) 2015 by Tony Held, all rights reserved.


I have moved mountains to write it
Pushed myself late into the night
Time and again
Tired mind and body.

Now at last
I am on the verge of the completion
Of this book born of many sessions
At my keyboard…
Or so I thought
As suddenly my all my exertions
Come to naught
As I feel like I am caught
In a thicket of brambles
Confronted by a maze of towering hedges
As writers block sweeps
On over me
Like a tide that steadily creeps
Up a beach…
Until at last it recedes
And as I struggle on towards the finish line.