The Poem Patrol, Volume Twenty-Three: “Days Off Work” and “Office Politics”

days off work sign
Image copyright (C) 2015 by Tony Held, all rights reserved.


Two go by like a breeze
Four go by in a heartbeat
Nine seem like plenty
But still the clock is always ticking
Until work’s door I once again am darkening.

Two weeks are pure bliss
But they always rush on by
Like a river at flood tide.

Forever in a day would be
Days off enough for me
Then I would then have all the time in the world
In which to pursue my dreams
Unfettered by the need
To harvest crops of money
To provide the little needs of life.


office politics sign
Image copyright (C) 2015 by Tony Held, all rights reserved.


What a waste of time it is
When co-workers indulge in
What is known as “office politics.”

Sit in the break room satirizing the boss for all in view
All the while labeling him a meddling buffoon …
You are playing office politics I tell you.

Walk into the “employees only” area
Mocking the voice of the boss’ you dislike like it was an aria
Playing for your co-worker audience …
You are indulging in nothing but office politics.

Don’t go dismissing me so lightly
When I say to you that such stuff is only
Just plain indulging in extreme negativity
Merely wasting your emotional energy.

You can go ahead and try to justify to me
Those office politics you are playing
But you can count on playing them without me
I find them simply disgusting.

So keep them away from me those office politics you are playing
Something you enjoy with such glee.

Don’t try to dump that on me …
I am only here to make ends meet.